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Your marketing done differently

Coming from the corporate world of marketing departments, numerous campaigns and countless channels, I made a promise when I started Pixels or Paper. A promise to bring marketing back to basics for small businesses.

So.... what is it like working with me?

I’m proactive: Half-jobs are not in my vocabulary. You won’t have to chase me. Ever.

I’m quick: If you request a quote, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. I believe in timely, open and direct communication at all times.

I’m flexible: We work to your budget, whether it’s set-you-up and say goodbye, or managing your marketing for months.

I know one-size-does-not-fit-all: No implementing channels for the sake of it, instead we do just what we need to get results. 

Marije was amazing to work with. She understood the aesthetic I was after and took care of everything. It was a stress-free process, and I am super happy with the results.

Claire Connelly

About me: About

A bit more about me.....

My background is marketing, my experience is broad and my passion is creative design. I have worked in different marketing positions in Australia and in The Netherlands and started Pixels or Paper because I love being creative and happy clients are my cherry on top!

Three things I know to be true:

1979 was a year to remember...... ;)

Coffee solves everything!! 

Whatever you put out into the Universe, will come back to you.

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